Signal Service

Welcome To My Signal Service

Here you can find all the information you might need about my signal service.

If you didn’t find the question you have on the list, just send it to me via contact form!

The signal service works through a bot on Telegram messaging app. once you send a message to the bot on telegram it will ask for your email address. send your email address in full ( and a verification code will be emailed to you. once you send the verification code to the bot your registration is complete and you can buy a premium membership package to receive signals. once the subscription is added to your account, the bot will send the trading signals directly to your phone via Telegram messaging app!
enable the notifications on the bot to never miss a signal!

I try to only issue signals with a high probability of success and I intend to keep the overall performance of all the signals posted during each month above +1000 pips of profit. so instead of churning out signals constantly, I create a basket of signals to make sure that if my clients take all of those positions with me, they end up with profits on their account at the end of the month.

Usually signals are posted on Monday every week. but if I see a decent trading opportunity during the rest of the week I will issue the signal immediately!

Since the goal is quality over quantity, I don’t have a quota for how many signals should be posted each week so I don’t end up issuing low quality signals just to reach the quota. instead, I will only share the signals with a high probability of success. but on average, usually 7-10 signals are posted each week.

Currently, if you check my telegram channel you can see the performance of the signals posted there. but soon I’m going to add a page dedicated to showcasing the result of the signals on my website too!

The signal service costs $20 per month. but more often than not, the result of one week covers the cost of subscription for the entire month.

You can see the list of premium packages and their pricing on the signal service bot.

Currently the only payment option available on the website is bitcoin. but I’m working on adding other payment options in near future!

If you are new to using bitcoins and need help starting out, you can check this guide for where to buy bitcoins to get a list of all bitcoin exchanges.
I suggest using an international exchange line coinmama or coinbase.
but there are a lot of different exchanges all over the internet just make sure you read their reviews to see if they are trustworthy for doing business with them.

If you are completely new to bitcoins, here is a good place to start

Its really easy to use, and the experience is quite liberating!