Welcome To My Signal Service

The Signal Service works through a Bot on Telegram messaging app. in order to use the manual service you will need to have Telegram messaging app on your device since the bot sends the signals I issue, directly to clients via the app.
You can see the Past Performance of the service on the Signal Stats page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the signal service work?

The signal service works through a bot on Telegram messaging app. once you send a message to the bot on telegram it will ask for your email address. send your email address in full ([email protected]) and a verification code will be emailed to you. once you send the verification code to the bot your registration is complete and you can buy a premium membership package to receive signals. once the subscription is added to your account, the bot will send the trading signals directly to your phone via Telegram messaging app!
enable the notifications on the bot to never miss a signal!

How often are signals posted?

I try to only issue signals with a high probability of success and I intend to keep the overall performance of all the signals posted during each month above +1000 pips of profit. so instead of churning out signals constantly, I create a basket of signals to make sure that if my clients take all of those positions with me, they end up with profits on their account at the end of the month.

Usually signals are posted on Monday every week. but if I see a decent trading opportunity during the rest of the week I will issue the signal immediately!

How many signals each week?

Since the goal is quality over quantity, I don’t have a quota for how many signals should be posted each week so I don’t end up issuing low quality signals just to reach the quota. instead, I will only share the signals with a high probability of success. but on average, usually 7-10 signals are posted each week.

Where can I see the past performance?

You can check the performance of the signal service by clicking HERE

How much does it cost to subscribe?

The signal service (Telegram bot) costs $25 per month.

More often than not, the result of one week covers the cost of subscription for the entire month.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for your subscription with PayPal or with your credit card via PayPal gateway. we are also working on adding Bank Wire Transfer to the payment options in near future!