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Signal Service

Signal Service

Every week, I will share my own trades through my telegram bot with subscribers to my Signal Service.
I will send them details on entry, stop-loss and targets of each trade along with an image of the chart at the moment of issuing the signal. I will also explain the technical/fundamental reasons behind the signal as a bit of extra education on the side and giving my followers a clear idea of why they are taking the trades.

Joining the Signal Service is quite easy!
All you really need to do is sending my telegram bot a message and register by providing a valid email address and verifying it by sending the bot the activation code it sends to your email address (sometimes the email ends up in the spam box, so be sure to check there as well!) and then you can choose one of the premium plans available (1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year) and pay for the plan by using Bitcoins.

Currently, due to heavy economic sanctions against my home country (Iran) the only payment available to me is bitcoins.

since I actually stick to sharing a real basket of trades with positive outcome on all of the positions put together, I don’t set number limits for signals. because I only share a signal when I believe it has above average probability of success.
but overall, my goal is to give at least +300 green pips to my subscribers every month. so its more goal oriented than simply shooting out signals as many as possible!

I’m trying to keep the subscription price to the Signal Service on the fixed price of $20 per month to keep the service affordable for everyone.

I’m also trying to develop a sophisticated trade-copier system for my subscribers so they can just link their trading accounts to it and automatically use the signals immediately as I post them with their own preferred settings on risk management.
I’m planning on raising the costs of that project by offering to match any +3 month subscription purchase before the 21 of December 2019, with free access to my trade-copier (will cost an extra $30 per month once it is launched)

So, for example, if you buy a 6 month subscription to my signal service before the 21 of December,  you will get 6 months free access to my trade-copier platform once its launched (I think the beta version will be rolled out in the next 3 months)

If you have been following my telegram channel in the past 4 years, you already know that the order flow information and the information on orders of major institutions that I share on my channel alone are worth the price tag of this service, not to mention the profitable signals shared through the bot.

I have intentionally priced the service low to make it affordable even for the smaller retail traders who don’t have a big capital.

check out this guide
You can use major exchanges (coinbase, blockchain, etc..) or you can check for smaller online exchanges from www.bestchange.com that offer their services in your area. just make sure the exchange you are using has a lot of positive reviews or test them by purchasing a smaller amount first to check the legitimacy of the exchange.

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