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Bahman RasoulPour, known professionally as Linorth, is an Iranian Foreign Exchange trader and Fund Manager. In 2018 he managed to beat the record of Michael Burry, with half the drawdown, by using his unique method of trading and risk management, entering and exiting 806 trades manually. This achievement helped him in crowdfunding his first $100K of funding from retail investors in less than 2 weeks.

Hello Internet Stranger!

If you’re reading this, you probably know me from Quora, where I used to share my insights on trading. A lot has changed since then, and I’d like to share with you what’s been happening and the new direction I’m taking.

In 2019, the landscape of my professional life underwent a dramatic shift. As a seasoned foreign exchange trader and fund manager, I had navigated the complexities of financial markets with skill and acumen. However, the tightening of economic sanctions on Iran, my home country by trump, led to an unexpected turn of events. Regulated brokers began to sever ties with Iranian clients, and I found myself among those affected. Suddenly, the world of trading, which I had known and thrived in, was no longer accessible to me. I couldn’t continue trading as I had before, and even my attempt to create an educational course for platforms like Udemy was thwarted by these restrictions. This setback, however, became a catalyst for exploration. I pivoted towards the burgeoning world of Web3 and NFTs, a realm unbounded by traditional financial barriers and geographical limitations. It was here in this digital expanse that I discovered a new avenue for innovation and creativity. I immersed myself in the NFT space, learning, adapting, and eventually, creating.

Today, I stand at the crossroads of my past expertise and my current passion. I am excited to propose an idea that marries my experience in trading with the innovative potential of NFTs. Introducing an exclusive club for aspiring traders, accessible through the NFT tokens of Nifty Limos Game.

Trading With Linorth: A Gateway to Knowledge and Opportunity

For ~$20 in eth (the tokens costs 0.01 eth + ethereum network fee for minting them) these tokens will serve as membership passes to a club where I will share my market analysis and trading signals. This membership is more than just access to expert insights; it’s an investment in knowledge and the potential for financial growth.

NFTs: Value Beyond Membership

The uniqueness of this offering lies in the dual value of these NFTs. Not only do they grant access to the exclusive trading club, but they also serve as assets in the Nifty Limos game. This dual utility provides members with additional value – an asset that is both a key to expert trading insights and a part of a thrilling gaming experience.

Join the Movement

Joining the “Trading With Linorth” club is a straightforward process that leverages the power of NFTs. Here’s how you can become a part of this exclusive trading community:

  1. Acquiring ETH: The first step is to purchase Ethereum (ETH) from a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Binance. This is a fundamental step as ETH is used to buy NFTs.
  2. Buying Membership Tokens: Once you have ETH, visit niftylimos.com. There, you can connect your wallet and exchange your ETH for Nifty Limos tokens. These tokens are your key to accessing the “Trading With Linorth” club.
    You can reserve your Nifty Limos NFTs by reserving them now, and mint at your convenience when Ethereum gas fees are low. Enjoy the flexibility of securing your limo today and minting when it suits you best.
  3. Membership as an Asset: The beauty of these tokens lies in their dual utility. Not only do they grant you access to expert trading insights and signals, but they are also assets within the Nifty Limos game universe.

Two Birds, With One Stone

The value proposition of these NFT membership tokens extends far beyond immediate access to the trading club:

  • Fueling the Nifty Limos Project: Your purchase of tokens directly contributes to the growth and success of the Nifty Limos project. As the project gains traction and succeeds, the value of your NFT can potentially increase.
  • Airdrop Benefits: As a token holder and a player in the Nifty Limos ecosystem, you will be eligible for airdrops related to the game. This means that your involvement in the trading club also opens up opportunities for additional rewards within the Nifty Limos universe.
  • Resale Opportunities: Should your priorities or interests shift, these NFTs can be resold on marketplaces like OpenSea. This provides flexibility and the potential for profit, making your membership in the club an investment with multiple avenues for returns.

Joining the “Trading With Linorth” club is not just an opportunity to enhance your trading skills; it’s an investment in a growing ecosystem at the intersection of finance, gaming, and blockchain technology. Your participation helps bring a visionary NFT project to life, with potential benefits and rewards that extend well into the future.

The Nifty Limos project is gearing up for launch in the first quarter of 2024. But the journey starts now!
Join my exclusive trading club, with activities kicking off on December 11th 2023.

Hop into the project’s discord and join the 500+ other people on this mission!
Don’t miss the chance to be part of this groundbreaking venture from the very beginning!

Course Key Features

This course covers everything a trader needs to move passed the line of profitability!
The curriculum has been designed by a Professional Trader and feedback from students.

Strong Fundamentals

Focused on fundamentals to set a strong foundation of the course.

Overall Learning

Learn everything you need to know to start Trading on the Forex Market!

Video Training

Course is taught via videos and screencasts

Advanced Exercises

Advanced level exercises are built in the course.

Planned Curriculum

Built by experienced faculty, it is a time bound course

One to One interaction

Student Instructor one to one interaction in the course.

Task Oriented

Focus on overall learning experience, this course is task based.

Live Experiments

Students are exposed to live experimentation and learning from practicals.

Learning Exposure

This is not just a course but an overall learning experience.

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Linorth hosts a live open forum with full transparency and collaboration between all of its members during trade hours and off. It is a great forum to be on during market hours, and through the day for trading conversations. More of the members put forth trade ideas and suggestions, Lin offers advice on the market,…READ MORE


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You are the only legitimate trader I have seen so far. I have been following/profiting with you through your telegram. I am not as seasoned in trading to get all of your strategies but I’m slowly learning. Thanks again!

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