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What are the Advantages of a MAM Account?

  1. No recurring monthly subscription for this service.
  2. Performance fee is only paid on profits generated, and on high watermark incentive fee structure. I only get paid if I perform well – this way, the trader and the investors’ interests are fully aligned.
  3. Requires no trading experience in the forex market to participate.

What is the Minimum Deposit to participate in our MAM Program?

The minimum deposit is $5000 USD. However, you will be eligible for a preferred rate for the performance fees if you deposit a minimum of $10000 USD or more. Also, if you have more than $50000 in funds, you can request a private managed account which will be traded based on your preferences and risk profile.

What are the Performance Fees?

The performance fees are as follows:

  • Deposits of $5000 will have a 50% performance fee.
  • Deposits between $10,000 – $50,000 will have a 40% performance fee.
  • Deposits over $50,000 will have a 30% performance fee

How to Join the MAM Managed Account?

CLICK HERE to open an account with FX Choice

once you registered and had your account validated (by providing the broker with proof of identity and proof of residency documents) you can click here to open a sub-account under my MAM account and deposit your funds in your sub-account. (the option to “join managed account” is also available on your panel at fxchoice under the “services” section)
that’s it!

When can I Withdraw my Funds?

There are absolutely no restrictions with withdrawals. You can withdraw at any time if you are unhappy with the results.

Although there are no limitations with withdrawing, I recommend that you commit 3 – 6 months to allow your account to grow before withdrawing any profits. This will allow you to compound for higher returns and increase your monthly gains at the same time it will allow me to plan the volume of trades taken on the master account better. this is not a requirement, but its recommended.

How do I Exit the MAM Managed Account?

If you decide to exit our managed account for any reason, simply log into your FX Choice account and disconnect your sub-account with our master account. You can also exit by initiating an internal transfer of funds in the FX Choice Backoffice.

Once you click into the sub account you wish to disconnect from, you will have the option to “Remove from MAM” as shown in the image below.

Can anyone Withdraw my Funds?

NO. Nobody can withdraw your funds except you, the account holder. As per FX Choice’s internal withdrawal policies, funds can only be withdrawn by the same person who initially funded the account. In other words, withdrawals to third parties are not allowed.

How can I Deposit my Funds?

you can use any of the deposit methods provided by FXchoice broker!

Is FX Choice a Regulated Broker?

FX Choice Limited is authorized and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Licence number: IFSC/60/191/TS/17. The registration number is 105,968.

how much profit can I expect?

The goal of the public MAM account (the one that is linked on this page) is to achieve anywhere from 25%-100% return on the investments in a 12 month period, after the reduction of performance fees.

Can someone with zero knowledge in trading, signup for your mentorship program?

Yes. in my basic course I have covered the basic knowledge required for the mentorship program, after watching those videos you will be ready to watch the advanced course, teaching you the concepts behind analyzing price action and how to implement them live in real time in the market. so by taking the course, you will learn the essential knowledge about how the market functions and then learn how to develop a strategy based on your personality and risk profile. this course alone can easily push you past the point of profitability, as I not only cover the knowledge you need to understand the market itself and its moves, but also how you can take advantage of the market conditions and separate trading opportunities with the best odds of success from the low probability ones so you will end up winning more trades than you will lose which equals profitability.

Can someone with limited time due to their job signup for your mentorship program?

Yes. The Mentorship Program can still work for you even if you are busy. while I like to do most of my teaching and mentoring on live charts and in real time, you don’t necessarily need to be available for any specific time to be able to participate in the program. when you sign up for the program, you will get the educational course and have the lessons which you can read and watch the videos and learn from them the necessary concepts and you will have my weekly review of the market to use on your own analysis and I will give some sort of homework assignment (giving charts from forex or other markets and asking for an analysis based on the principles thought in the educational course) and you can do the homework on your free time and I will check your work and offer advice on possible problems and how you can improve on it for the next assignment. there is no time table or a live seminar that you have to be available for. its just more like a 1-1 training session fitted into your schedule so I can make sure you have grasped the concepts explained in my videos properly and are able to implement them live and in real time.

Why is there only one payment method on this website?

Due to sanctions against my country, I currently can only accept payments via bitcoin. I’m in the process of registering a company outside of Iran and in near future I will be able to add more payment options to this website, but until then, I have put together a guide on paying with bitcoin which can help you with the process of buying bitcoins and using them for payments. It’s really easy to use and it’s a lot of fun!
I’m a big fan of it personally, and living in Iran during these sanctions have made me turely realize the power of cryptocurrencies and how big of an effect they will have on our future.
So you might as well try it and see if you would enjoy the experience of it, who knows, maybe you become a fan of it too!

Do you have a link to your trading records to verify your performance?

yes. you can Click Here to see the trade explorer of the account on

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