The Future of Signal Service

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share some news about my signal service program and some other services I plan to add to my website in near future.
If you have read my answers on Quora, you probably already know how I feel about signal services and why I think buying trading signals is not feasible.
after you read that answer,  you will know how I feel about signal services in general.

I didn’t want to start yet another signal service doing the same thing everyone else is doing, instead, I wanted to use the signal service as an opportunity to teach trading to newbies through live examples and also share useful order flow information and tips on the orders of big institutions for more advanced traders who already have their own trading strategies and only want to use a second opinion from another experienced trader. I wanted to create a community of traders from all over the world with various degrees of experience.

So here is what I’m planning on doing with the signal service bot on telegram…

First, I want to change it’s name from the signal service to Linorth Academy

I will keep sending signals for traders who want to use them, but instead of just sending a signal (entry, stop and target information) I will also include the technical/fundamental reason behind the signal and why I think its a good trading opportunity to take so people who are new to trading can learn a thing or two along the way.
I’m also planning on adding a copy trading service so those of you who want to follow the signals exactly as I share them, can just link your trading accounts to the service and let the bot take the signals on your account automatically.
I’m also planning on adding another course to my website for developing trading bots and I’m planning to add a backtesting platform for backtesting various trading strategies to my website for the subscribers to my trading academy.

The thing is that I don’t want to commit a lot of resources into building a platform that no one wants to use, and I also don’t want to charge people a lot of money for it because I want it to be affordable for everyone since my goal is to keep the subscription price affordable for everyone.

So, I’ve come up with an idea to offset the budget issue with the pricing issue and that is basically crowdfunding the cost of the project (trade-copying and backtesting platform) from subscribers themselves by offering free access to supporters who buy at least a 3 month subscription to support the project.
I will match their subscription to the signal service with subscription to copy-trader and backtracking platforms (which will cost an extra $30 per month on top of the $20 subscription once its launched) so if you buy a 6 month subscription now (costs $120 for 6 months), once the platforms are launched, you will get 6 month free access to my signal service, trade-copier and backtesting platform (worth $300 for six months) as well.

I believe with a $10K budget, I can add both a sophisticated trade-copying system (a system without the problems I mentioned in that Quora answer due to latency and such..) and a platform for backtesting trading strategies against historical data, so each and everyone of you can have access to a very useful tool for every trader who needs to constantly tweak and better their trading strategies.

If you have been following the signal service or my channel lately, you already know that the order flow and institutional order information I share alone is well worth the $20 monthly price tag, but this is an opportunity to turn a simple signal service into a platform for trading excellence. A community of traders constantly researching various strategies and developing new models for trading it.

If I get enough support for reaching the budget goal, I think I will be able to roll out the beta version of the platforms in less than 3 months and even if the money raised wasn’t enough for both platforms, my priority is developing the trade-copier platform to increase the effectiveness of the signal service in bringing followers actual profits in trading.

Thank you all again for all the support you have showed me, I can not thank you enough

Kindest Regards

December 4, 2019

5 responses on "The Future of Signal Service"

  1. Go ahead linorth Im in.

  2. Good to hear,great

  3. Sounds excellent, thank you. Not so interested in backtesting etc at the moment, happy just to follow your lead, but who knows…

  4. Good idea

  5. Love the idea about actually teaching new traders such as myself. There are too many signal services out there where newbies are led into trades without knowing why only to make a loss.

    I look forward to learning from you

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