Trading Floor and Mentorship Program

Hello everyone,

Today, I come bearing some bad news and maybe some good news as well… I’m going to start with the bad news first so maybe the good news can take the punch out of it a little.

The bad news

If you have been following my channel for the past 6 months, chances are you already know everything about my current situation for dealing with sanctions and my plan for relocation to a new country to get rid of them. Nothing much has changed in that front except the fact that I have been able to find a new firm in China with the help of one of my connections on LinkedIn. It’s nothing major yet and I’m starting in a junior position which I don’t mind really, beggars can’t be choosers I guess! lol
I have also found a couple new clients for my MAM project, a new investor joined my public MAM this week and I also have found a big client whom have created his own private account with me, so my hands are full with responsibility at the moment.
Why am I telling you this? Well… The reason is that at the moment unfortunately my time is so limited that I probably won’t be able to dedicate much of it to my telegram channel going forward.
I’ve been running it for almost 3 years now and during this time I have grown quite accustomed to it and I’ll be lying if I say I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to spend some time with you guys every week. It’s been a joy for me to share as much info as I could with my followers and help them as much as I could in their trading.
You might have noticed the quality of the content in the channel has been steadily declining in the past couple of months, which is mostly due to me not having enough free time and also having other priorities that get in the way of me working on the channel.

But I’m not willing to pull the plug on it yet, it’s been like a diary for me, recording everything I’ve been doing in the past 3 years and with all the friendships I’ve made from it… it’s just too hard for me to let go of it. But on the other hand I can’t let my fun projects get in the way of my livelihood, so I’ve been thinking about transitioning the educational channel into a full on mentorship program.

I’ve been sinking the last bits of my savings into this website to maybe make it a replacement for the channel and create an environment in which I can properly mentor aspiring traders to reach my level of success, but it’s still not ready and the cost of hiring the web designer and getting a server to run the website and a forum on it and customizing the whole thing to make it a perfect environment for learning trading… it’s honestly just out of my personal budget. It’s still not even close to what I want it to be, and at the same time, I can’t really afford spending money on something I have no income from…
some people run these type of websites and forums for free, but that’s usually because they aren’t really day traders (or real traders at all) and they open up the website, jam a bunch of useless info in it and advertise and get as many people in as they can, so they can eventually profit from the views through ads. But I despise advertisement with a passion (as evidenced by the phrase “no advertisement please don’t ask” on the description of my channel in the past 2 years) so it just doesn’t make financial sense for me to run this project for free.

I’m faced with a difficult decision, should I just give up and drop it completely or should I start charging people for it?

This question has been bugging me for a long time. I didn’t start this project with the intention of making money from it. Cause if that was the case, I could have easily just advertise my trading results and put up an educational course for sale and treat the whole thing in a “take-it-or-leave-it” manner.
It sure would have been a much easier path for me to make money, but that’s just not who I am.

The truth is that I’ve been trying to put together my educational course for a long time and the fact that I wasn’t going to charge anyone for it, always got in the way of me actually working on it properly, so I kept postponing it and postponing it and now it’s been more than a year since the last educational video I have created. So I’m mostly changing to the charging system to have a stick that prevents me from procrastinating. Because if I charge people for it, it’s no longer a fun project for me to finish whenever I feel like it. It’s going to be a legal obligation to my students and I will be forced to put in the time and effort to not only create the course, but also create it with a quality worthy of the money my students have paid for it.

The Good News

In the next two weeks, hopefully the brexit mess will be sorted out and no matter what happens, the market is going to adjust to it and move on and it will find its balance again and I’m going to get back to my usual routine of day trading and working 60 hours per week.
So I have decided to open up my trading floor and my mentorship program for aspiring traders who want to learn proper trading from a professional trader.
The bad news is that it’s not a free service, but the good news is that it’s well worth the money if you decide to pay for it and participate in it.
What does it include? Allow me to tell you about it a little.

Trading Floor ($99 per month) – Premium Package

In my trading floor I will guide you on your trading every week. I will put up my own analysis of the currency pair (major and minor) every week and give my opinion on market direction and also share the good trading opportunities I find with you and I will also share my day trading tips (order flow info and whatnot) with traders on my floor. The order flow info alone is worth more than the monthly subscription, so it’s really a great deal.
I’ve traded live in the past and in the month I did it, I managed to gross about 1500 pips of movement with those trades

So in my trading floor, you will get week to week analysis of 1H charts and also you will get my trading suggestions and signals.
But the good thing about it is that this time, the communication isn’t one-sided (just reading my posts) and you can interact with other traders in the floor and exchange ideas and information with each other so it will have more of a community feel to it.


The Mentorship Program ($499) – VIP Package

In my mentorship program, you will get access to the VIP section of the forum where I will share my price action trading course with my students and mentor them till they get the hang of the method and can use it in their trading. The registration is limited to 100 students because the mentorship program includes a private 1-1 session with each and every student so I can personally guide them in their education process and help them absorb the information of the course as well as its implementation live in real time.
Unlike all the other trading educators out there, I don’t like doing my education on old charts that have already played out and everyone can see where the price has moved to. Most educators offer a course that explains everything on an old chart and when it comes to live trading in real time, all they do is basically giving two sided advice and no real direction or a tangible process of assessing the market in real time for making trading decisions, but I like to do most of my teaching live in real time in a more hands on approach so my students can watch their mentor implement the method live in real time and learn to do it themselves on their own.

unfortunately, I won’t be able to dedicate as much attention to every single student if I accept more than 100 students (even 100 is almost too many) so the acceptance of the mentorship program is limited and more seats won’t open until the first 100 students finish their mentorship program and graduate.
The program might take anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on how quickly you can absorb the information and during the 3 month of the mentorship program you will also get 3 months of free access to my trading floor on top of the course. That makes the price of the course itself less than $200!

Since I didn’t want to charge people for the course, I’ve decided that now that I have to charge for it, to make it as inexpensive as possible so everyone can afford it.
The course is honestly very heavily undervalued. I personally spent about $2K on my education in the first year for a mentorship program that lasted only 2 months and was overall 8 classes lasting 3 hours each and it only covered basics plus some pattern trading!
and over the years I have spent over $10K on various trading books and courses online and have absorbed all that information and have put the best parts of each of those courses together to create my own method and now I’m giving all of the best parts bundled up together for an affordable fee!
So make sure you save your spot by buying the VIP course now before we hit the 100 limit and I have to close it down for another 3 months.

Currently due to sanctions, I can only accept bitcoins on my website, but I have created a guide for those of you who don’t know how to use bitcoins as means of payment. It’s really easy to use and it’s a lot of fun!
I’m a big fan of it personally, and living in Iran during these sanctions have made me truly realize the power of cryptocurrencies and how big of an effect they will have on our future.
So you might as well try it and see if you would enjoy the experience of it, who knows, maybe you become a fan of it too!

The Forum of my website doesn’t look like much at the moment, but if enough people sign up for the mentorship program and trading floor, I will be able to afford to hire a web developer to pimp up the forum and my website! lol

Alright guys, that is all for now.
Sorry for the long rant
have a great week



  • Rahmat

    Can A person with zero knowledge in trading, signup for your mentorship program?.
    And will he be independently be able to trade for a consistent profit after attending the program?
    I’m not targeting to be a millionaire but just profitable should be enough.

    • Linorth

      Yes. in my basic course I have covered the pre-course for the mentorship program, after watching those videos you will be ready to watch the rest of the course teaching you the concepts behind analyzing price action and how to implement them live in real time in the market. so by taking the course, you will learn the essential knowledge about how the market functions and then learn how to develop a strategy based on your personality and risk profile. this course alone can easily push you past the point of profitability, as I not only cover the knowledge you need to understand the market itself and its moves, but also how you can take advantage of the market conditions and separate trading opportunities with the best odds of success from the low probability ones so you will end up winning more trades than you will lose which equals profitability.


    how are you linorth I’ve been trying to buy bitcoins to pay and access your advance price action course but unfortunately my 2 credit cards have been declined by my credit provider. they do not transact with bitstamp. I’ts there any other way or form to pay for the course? thank you.

    • Linorth

      Hi Condios,

      The only other means for accepting payments for me is through webmoney. its a payment system like paypal, but it’s a russian company and accepts Iranian clients. I still don’t have a merchant account with them (the process is a bit time-consuming and I’m trying to get the account with them, but it will take some time) but if you can open a webmoney account, you can still directly send money to me with their system so I can add the course to your account manually. if you can use webmoney, you can contact me via telegram so I can help you with the process.


    good morning, good evening.
    how are you linorth i hope everything is good.
    i’m happy to tell let you that i finally and successfully place my order in bitcoins for your advance price action course. but i don’t have access to the course yet it keeps asking me to subscribe but i’ll wait it may only need to be activated.
    now about bitstamp not accepting credit cards i guess is true. I my self tried 2 credit cards and one debit card and non of them work. best way at this point i think go to your bank and ask then to make a wire transfer to bitstamp with the info given on deposit. once the money cleared call bitstamp and they will guide you with the process to transfer bitcoins .
    thank you condios

    • Linorth

      Hello Condios,

      Welcome to my mentorship program

      Yes the problem you are referring to has been brought up to my attention by other members.
      I’ve checked and you are right, there seems to be a bug on the website for accessing the paid course, probably because my web developer has edited the membership groups of the original design of the website to eventually sync them with my vbulletin forum.
      I’ve already called him about it and I’m forcing him to finish the fixes and final touch-ups before Friday so you and others can study the course over the weekend. please stay patient in the meantime, I will update you via email or my telegram channel as soon as the bugs are fixed. it won’t take long.



    Dear linorth I hope everything is ok.
    I’m writing you just to let you know that on the advance price action course the only part that has a lesson is in which side should you be on? I’m letting you know just in case you are not aware of it. My regards condios

    • Linorth

      Hello Condios,

      Yes I’m aware of that, we are still running tests on the website’s security but I will soon add the rest of the lessons to the course and add some more lessons as well. Please stay patient in the meantime, as soon as everything is ready to use, I will announce it in my telegram channel.

      Thanks again for the support
      I dearly appreciate it

  • badwazabi

    Hello Linorth,

    Do you still accept new mentorship student?

    • Linorth

      Hello Badwazabi,

      Yes, the mentorship program is still open for registration. would love to have you on board as well.

    • badwazabi

      Hello Linorth.
      I have placed my order for your advance course. Looking forward to learn new things.

      • Linorth

        Hello Badwazabi,

        Thank you for purchasing the course, we are glad to have you onboard with us.
        I can see your order but it still shows as “unproccessed” which might be due to delays in blockchain of bitcoins in receiving your payment. so please reach me via telegram from this link:
        so I can both add you to the telegram group of my students and stay in touch with you till I grant access to the course content.