Mentorship Program

In my mentorship program, you will get access to the VIP section of my forum where I will share my price action trading course with my students and mentor them till they get the hang of the method and can use it in their trading. The registration is limited to 100 students because the mentorship program includes a private 1-1 session with each and every student so I can personally guide them in their education process and help them with absorbing the information of the course as well as its implementation live in real time.

Unlike all the other trading educators out there, I don’t like doing my education on old charts that have already played out and everyone can see where the price has moved to. Most educators offer a course that explains everything on an old chart and when it comes to live trading in real time, all they do is basically giving two sided advice and no real direction or a tangible process of assessing the market in real time for making trading decisions, but I like to do most of my teaching live in real time in a more hands on approach so my students can watch their mentor implement the method live in real time and learn to do it themselves on their own.

The Limitations of the program

unfortunately, I won’t be able to dedicate as much attention to every single student if I accept more than 100 students (even 100 is almost too many) so the acceptance of the mentorship program is limited and more seats won’t open until the first 100 students finish their mentorship program and graduate. but if the class gets full, you will be able to reserve your seat for the next semester.

How long does the program take?

The program is 3 months long and costs only $499. During the 3 months of the program you will also get 3 months of free access to my trading floor which normally costs $99 per month on top of the course. That makes the price of the program itself about $200!
The course is honestly very heavily undervalued. I personally spent about $2K on my education in the first year for a mentorship program that lasted only 2 months and was overall 8 classes lasting 3 hours each and it only covered basics plus some pattern trading!
and over the years I have spent over $10K on various trading books and courses online and have absorbed all that information and have put the best parts of each of those courses together to create my own method and now I’m giving all of the best parts bundled up together for an affordable fee!
most traders lose a lot of money with trial and error of methods that doesn’t work, so if you are one of them or don’t want to become one, now is your chance to have someone who is already making money from the market teach you how its done. I personally have spent way more money on courses that I only hoped might add 2% to my ROI, because even if it thought me something that could add even a small percentage to my ROI, over the long haul it would pay for itself.
so think of the mentorship as an investment in your own future as a trader.

Currently the program is closed to new signups, sorry!

if you have any questions about the program, check the FAQ page and if you still didn’t get your answer there, feel free to send me your question through the contact form.