Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts (MAM)

A MAM Account, also known as Multi-Account Manager Account, is a solution that allow traders and investors to become part of a “pool” of sub-accounts traded by an account manager from a “Master Account”.  The total capital in the master account is equal to all the sub-accounts combined, and profits are distributed accordingly by the broker each month.

Minimum Requirements

In order to join my MAM services, you will need to reach the minimum required deposit amount.

The minimum deposit is $5000 USD. However, you will be eligible for a preferred rate for the performance fees if you deposit a minimum of $10000 USD or more.

Performance Fees

What are the Performance Fees?

The performance fees are as follows:

  • Deposits of $5000 will have a 50% performance fee.
  • Deposits between $10,000 – $50,000 will have a 40% performance fee.
  • Deposits over $50,000 will have a 30% performance fee.

How to join the MAM accounts

CLICK HERE to open an account with FX Choice broker

once you registered and had your account validated (by providing the broker with proof of identity and proof of residency documents) you can click here to open a sub-account under my MAM account and deposit your funds in your sub-account. (the option to “join managed account” is also available on your panel at fxchoice, under the “services” section)
that’s it!

MAM Account Performance

Click Here  to see how I’m performing, but keep in mind that if you have over $50K in funding, I can manage your funds in a separate account on your behalf based on your preferences and risk profile.



  1. No recurring monthly subscription for this service.
  2. Performance fee is only paid on profits generated, and on high watermark incentive fee structure. I only get paid if I perform well – this way, the trader and the investors’ interests are fully aligned.
  3. Requires no trading experience in the forex market to participate.